In miniature, April 29

  • “There was no repeat of Monday’s violence.” There’s your story. [Washington Post, on Baltimore picking itself up after the riot] “I wish humanity didn’t have to resort to violence to get its point across. However….” Really, Del. Morales? [Del. Maricé Morales (D-Montgomery County) on Facebook, quoted at Seventh State]
  • Police van “rough rides,” meant to injure arrestees, led to Philadelphia, Chicago scandals. And Baltimore? [BuzzFeed, Baltimore Sun]
  • Duly noted: 15 Democratic members of state senate would like to gut the First Amendment on campaign speech [Rebecca Lessner, Maryland Reporter]
  • H.L. Mencken spins in grave as Baltimore Sun adopts tut-tutting editorial view of alcohol;
  • Maryland GOP coming along only slowly on marijuana law reform; at least eight Republican lawmakers voted for this term’s very modest paraphernalia bill, so +1 for Sen. Justin Ready and Dels. Carl Anderton, Mary Beth Carozza, Robert Flanagan, Robin Grammer, Herb McMillan, Christian Miele, and Chris West [Van Smith, City Paper, interviewing former Del. Don Murphy]
  • “Martin O’Malley’s Terrible Fiscal Record” [Chris Edwards, Cato]

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