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Hungry Hungry HoCo

Bring your own Coke? Some find it a damper on the festivities to bring Howard County’s Fourth of July fireworks into compliance with County Executive Ken Ulman’s December 2012 edict sharply restricting the sale of sweet beverages and high-calorie snack food at county-sponsored events. Under the regulations, which are “the first and only of their kind in the state,” at least “50 percent of packaged food offered at county events must contain 200 calories or less per portion”; prepared food, such as funnel cakes and soft-serve ice cream, is not covered. [Baltimore Sun via Quinton Report] The rules exempt the county’s “Wine in the Woods” event, held each May. More: County Council member Greg Fox (R-West County) has introduced legislation to overturn the executive order, and County Executive candidate Allan Kittleman (R) has signaled a similar view, but there is presently no sign that majority opinion on the council backs them up.

P.S. Whether or not the policy mirrors the preferences of voters in Howard County (and who knows, it might), it serves the function of affluence signaling in the conspicuously prosperous county. One reason families pay a premium to move to a county like Howard is the implicit promise that their kids will grow up with plenty of worldly, educated, skinny role models and that the government is not going to be run in line with the wishes of poorer or lower-status residents. Message sent!

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My favorite local food from this part of Maryland and adjacent Pennsylvania is puddin’-and-hominy. Puddin’ consists of cooked-down meat scraps that is a lot like scrapple without the grain filler and is too strong-tasting to eat by itself (for me at least). Instead you cook it alongside something starchy, the preferred vehicle being cooked white hominy, which is very bland by itself. Combine some of each on a fork and suddenly you have something much better than either one alone. (It helps if you already love scrapple, as I do.) Not sold in chain stores, so far as I’ve seen, but common at firehouse breakfasts and available at better local markets such as Wagner’s in Mt. Airy and Trout’s in Woodsboro. More here.

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