In miniature, Feb. 22

  • Gov. Hogan is right about business exodus from Maryland [Metro Business Media]
  • Purple Line panel debate Mar. 2 in Silver Spring: my Cato colleague Randal O’Toole, Pete Rahn, Rich Parsons [Maryland Public Policy Institute]
  • “The question is whether you are willing to fund a system that makes it illegal, fosters a black market, and puts people in jail.” [Tom Coale, HoCo Rising on marijuana law, my two cents]
  • “Instead of Railing Against Hogan’s Budget, Assembly Democrats Should Focus Efforts on Reforming the Process” [Todd Eberly]
  • Many conclusions I agree with in this John Judis National Journal piece analyzing the late election, with much Maryland content [earlier]
  • (Updated): I’ll be taking a break for personal reasons (surgery, which was successful) and posting will be slow in the next month.

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