Gov. Larry Hogan and how the GOP wins in the Northeast

My new cover story in Examiner magazine ties together Larry Hogan’s win with the almost equally spectacular triumph of Charlie Baker in Massachusetts and a cast of characters that includes Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, Tom Dewey, Bob Ehrlich, William Weld, George Pataki, Mitt Romney, and Christine Todd Whitman. “According to news station WBAL, ‘some see Hogan’s win as the biggest upset in the country,’ … Perhaps the most astonishing figure, again from WBAL: Hogan had an average of 16 staffers on his payroll, Brown 207. It didn’t save him.”

One point sure to raise some controversy: my having included Maryland in the “Northeast.” Politically, I think that label fits these days, even though it’s resisted by some Marylanders I know as well as by some New Englanders (“Maryland? That’s the South.”) At any rate, I decided not to argue the point in this piece, just go with my assumption.

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