Poll report: Brown only 6 points up on Hogan

Josh Kurtz at Center Maryland:

A recent statewide poll that was shared with me the other day, which was not conducted for either of the candidates for governor, showed Brown with a 46 percent to 40 percent lead over Hogan. The survey was taken by a highly reputable D.C.-based pollster who has vast experience querying Maryland voters.

This seems like big news, no? Only a few weeks ago Anthony Brown was polling, what, 18 points ahead of Larry Hogan? If the gap has indeed narrowed to 6 points, I’d say that’s reason for Brown’s people to hit the panic button — and for national analysts to begin following this race as a potential Republican pickup.


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3 responses to “Poll report: Brown only 6 points up on Hogan

  1. Pat Bussard

    Glad to see Mr. Hogan is catching up to the “I don’t know what I am doing” Tony Brown. Mr. Hogan needs to get the small businesses on his side that are getting ready to move out of Md. because of high taxes. O’Tax me sent them to Harford County as mayor and chased them out as governor. Mr. Hogan has my vote!!!!

  2. Michael D. Grimes

    This is a surprise to me. I live in Owings Mills and see very little indication that Mr. Hogan is running for the Gov’s office. However I do see some indication in Carroll County. As far as TV I don’t see much of Mr. Hogan. I do however see a fair amt of Brown’s mug. What gives? I plan on voting for Mr. Hogan and would like to have a sign or two in front of my place (not the big over size ones) I am not a good speaker or debater so I can’t help out in that area. Nevertheless Maryland needs Hogan. Michael Grimes Owings Mills Md.

  3. Diana Johns

    @michael, You can go to Change Maryland. Grab a sign? That would be awesome! The donation for a stop the rain tax umbrella is linked on that FB site.

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