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In miniature, July 4

  • Baltimore hotel follies: “The city-owned Hilton lost $2.9M in 2013, the best performance in the taxpayer-financed project’s history thus far.” [Baltimore Sun]
  • Larry Hogan as governor would not seek to reopen same-sex marriage: “The voters of Maryland have already decided this issue.”
  • Stingray surveillance devices: ACLU says local police in three parts of the state have got ’em;
  • I was in the audience during this surprise wedding proposal woven into the plot of Olney Theatre’s Avenue Q revival. The show has been extended through July 20 and I recommend it;
  • TIL: “Bladensburg swagger” [Washington Post on what was said to be the gait of the late Prince George’s County executive Wayne Curry]
  • “In Howard and Anne Arundel, by contrast [as against Montgomery and P.G.], a plurality said that laws passed during [O’Malley’s] time in office were too liberal.” [Washington Post]
  • Why should trademark law ban “disparagement” in first place? Caleb Brown interviews me on the Redskins case for the Cato podcast;

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