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In miniature, August 24

  • So embarrassing for Maryland that Attorney General Brian Frosh signed onto this turkey of a lawsuit challenging Congress’s curtailment of the SALT deduction [Howard Gleckman]
  • I was a guest of Jerry Rogers on WBAL to talk about the showdown between conservative religious adoption agencies and LGBT rights groups and you can listen here (background);
  • Baltimore politicos move to save city from non-threat / non-horror of private water supply [Joe Setyon, Reason]
  • Sen. Ben Cardin, sometimes painted as cautious or even moderate, throws red meat to Left on Brett Kavanaugh nomination [Bruce DePuyt, Maryland Matters]
  • “Among the questions about Mr. Elrich is one he raised himself by pledging to invite the president of the largest county employees union into interview and hiring deliberations ‘for any and all department heads’ in the county. That is an extraordinary promise…also unwise.” [Washington Post editorial]
  • How a machine based on the schools lobby ran politics for years in Montgomery County [Adam Pagnucco, The Seventh State]

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In miniature, July 19

  • Rasmussen has Anthony Brown 13 points up on Larry Hogan, not actually impressive right after Brown’s multi-million primary ad buy;
  • When lawmakers here voted to hike cigarette taxes high above those of nearby states, many appeared to think the social costs of developing a large bootleg-cigarette sector no big deal. But they are [includes disturbing video of death in police custody]
  • “Peroutka donates $1M dinosaur skeleton to Creation Museum” [Capital Gazette, more on the Anne Arundel council candidate]
  • Is ours the most speech-hostile delegation in the country? Democratic Sens. Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin and Reps. Donna Edwards, John Sarbanes (and don’t forget Chris Van Hollen) take lead in attempt to roll back First Amendment protections for campaign speech [Mark Newgent]
  • Prof. Mark Graber reports on sexual harassment training at the University of Maryland [Balkinization]
  • “Maryland Tested Kids on Material It No Longer Teaches, Guess What Happened?” [Robby Soave, Reason]

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