In miniature, October 1

  • Enjoyed joining Sen. Cheryl Kagan [D-Gaithersburg] on her podcast. We explored election law topics, including ranked choice voting which we both favor (21:30+). But also included throughout are many questions I’ve never gotten asked elsewhere, which gives it a more personal flavor than with many other podcasts [“Kibbitzing with Kagan”]
  • Running through October 30 at Maryland Ensemble Theatre: THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT, terrific Broadway play about (yes) fact checking. We were lucky enough to have playwright and old friend Jeremy Kareken to Frederick to discuss it. MET put on a boffo performance, get tickets here:
  • What fun to go to both MML and MaCo conferences in Ocean City this summer! And I hope to be back as part of a program one of these times.
  • The Libertarian Party has taken an unpleasant turn nationally, yet in Maryland they’ve nominated an unusually credible candidate for governor. David Lashar has a strong background in public administration, having served in a responsible role in the Hogan health department, and mutual friends attest to his talent and good character. Dilemmas! [Brian Griffiths, The Duckpin]
  • Stephen Walters on Baltimore: “It’s easy to dismiss stories about threatening behavior by squeegee ‘workers’ as isolated incidents. But they’re real, they’re common, and they do, in today’s parlance, make people feel unsafe.” [City Journal]
  • I’m Unaffiliated now myself: “The Maryland Republican Party got together and committed ritualized mass suicide. The only thing missing was Jim Jones and a glass of Kool-Aid. I hope it was a good party.” [Doug Mayer quoted by Pamela Wood]


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