In miniature, May 9

  • Reminder: Rep. Chris Van Hollen, winner of the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate, was deeply involved in the push for an IRS squeeze on right-leaning nonprofits that led to the Lois Lerner scandal;
  • I was a guest of Prince George’s County criminal defense lawyer Mirriam Seddiq and our very wide-ranging interview included some local topics [podcast via Overlawyered]
  • Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware all offer retirees a better deal, which might be why a proposal for sizable Maryland tax exemptions for pension income is now forthcoming from the liberal side of the aisle in Annapolis, namely Del. Karen Lewis Young (D-Frederick) [Maryland Reporter]
  • Also introduced by Del. Young, and one to watch assuming it returns next year: 2016 MD HB 56, the Right to Try Act for Experimental Drugs [Maryland Legislative Watch]
  • Sponsors of Poultry Litter Management Act keep claiming it’s pro-farmer, but most actual farmers sure seem to oppose it [DelmarvaNow, Maryland Reporter]
  • Elizabeth Nolan Brown’s Reason article on how the war on sex trafficking is shaping up as the new Drug War won a magazine award, which makes a good occasion to bring up Brown’s post countering a flawed Capital News Service series on human trafficking in Maryland.

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