In miniature, February 27

  • Hogan derangement syndrome afflicts some Democrats [Washington Post] “If your friend jumped off the Empire State Building, would you jump too?” No. And neither would our governor [Baltimore Sun on Chris Christie endorsement of Trump]
  • New paper: “Achieving Efficient Government and Regulatory Reform in Maryland” [Randolph May and Michael Horney, Free State Foundation]
  • Some numbers on the conference center proposed with public dollars for downtown Frederick [Ken Kellar, The Tentacle, earlier]
  • Yet more gun laws from Annapolis? Rick Blatchford sniffs the politics behind them [Carroll County Times; related on constitutional problems with last round of new gun laws]
  • Fail to stop daughter’s 20 year old boyfriend from bringing over beer, go to jail [Washington Post on “Alex and Calvin’s Law” bill sailing through Annapolis]
  • Paid leave from our job? Free stuff, sounds great? Unless of course we wind up paying [WaPo, more, NFIB, Maryland Reporter]

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