In miniature, January 24

  • Montgomery County officials helped plant letters praising speed cameras in local press [The Newspaper]
  • After state panel recommends 22 steps to improve police-community relations, Fraternal Order of Police rejects “any and all” reforms [Anthony Fisher, Reason] Earlier: Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake recommends 11 changes to LEOBR police “bill of rights” law [Baltimore Sun, text of letter, previously October and more]
  • “Why Beretta is moving its gun factory to Tennessee” [CNN]
  • “10 Things I Learn Reading Jury Verdicts and Settlements” [Ronald Miller]
  • “It’s time to stop prioritizing political interests over voting rights. We need independent redistricting reform.” [Rep. Donna Edwards on Twitter]
  • From six years ago, but still relevant: Len Lazarick, “Curing Maryland’s Structural Deficits: A Call for Mandate Reform” [Free State Foundation, PDF]

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One response to “In miniature, January 24

  1. Montgomery County has used a whole battery of dirty tricks to support their predatory money grab ticket camera programs. $$$$ are the only thing that matter to county officials. Morality, fairness, justice, etc. play no part.

    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association, frequent county visitor to see family.

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