In miniature, October 14

  • “Hogan has high ratings in poll, redistricting reform favored” [Len Lazarick/Goucher Poll; more on redistricting commission’s work, Todd Eberly, WMDT, Star-Democrat]
  • “More Than 253 Corrections Employees Arrested Since 2013” [WBAL]
  • Sanity prevails on Shore: Salisbury city council not interested in rent control [Salisbury Independent]
  • South Mountain Creamery case: “Lawmakers Call for Return of Cash Seized From Dairy Farmers” [Heartland, quotes me]
  • “Reforming Maryland Business Licensing Regime” [Free State Foundation]
  • Tweaks to Maryland prevailing wage law a big reason new Frederick High School construction costs clock $115 million [Frederick News Post, MacRo blog]

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