In miniature, August 9

  • Action needed on business climate: only four Fortune 500 headquarters are left in Maryland, all in Montgomery County, none in Baltimore area, while Virginia has nineteen [latest compilation]
  • Why doesn’t College Park have more of a college-town feel? Can that be changed? [David Alpert/Greater Greater Washington, more]
  • A plaintiff’s-side view: “Why Do Baltimore Drivers Pay More for Insurance?” [Ronald V. Miller, Jr.]
  • State pension fund earns 2.68%, annual target had been 7.65%, yikes [Len Lazarick, Maryland Reporter]
  • If Montgomery County’s announced goal is to make transportation more accessible to its residents, ordering 20 taxi companies to close may not be the obvious strategy [Washington Post]
  • Baltimore ouch: “Anti-violence program suspended after guns, drugs found in office raid” [Washington Times]

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