The Ehrlich record on clemencies

For handy reference, here’s a Washington Post 2012 write-up and a short post at Pardon Power. From the latter:

[Bob] Ehrlich, who became Maryland’s first Republican governor in 36 years when he was elected in 2002, made clemency requests a priority of his administration from 2003 to 2007. Ehrlich assigned five lawyers in his office to consider clemency cases, with two of them fully devoted to them. He met with them once a month to consider cases.

In his four-year term “Ehrlich granted 227 pardons and 21 commutations.” This was a much faster pace than Democratic predecessor Parris Glendening, and even more so than successor Martin O’Malley, who after six and a half years in office had 105 pardons and three commutations.


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One response to “The Ehrlich record on clemencies

  1. Ken Stevens

    I’m glad that Ehrlich was relatively better than Glendening or O’Malley, but regard all three as lousy governors overall. And Hogan shows signs of being at least equally lousy.

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