In miniature, March 21

  • “Maryland legislature mulls new SWAT transparency bill” [Radley Balko, earlier here, here, and here] More: Jason Boisvert;
  • With conservative support, legislature moving to give Child Protective Services more power to keep kids away from parents. What could go wrong? [Frederick News-Post, more about laws named after victims]
  • State should give scandal-plagued Baltimore jail back to city [Van Smith, earlier]
  • “Living rent-free in a $600,000 house is a ‘plight’ only in the sense that at some point you may have to stop.” [Arnold Kling on the Washington Post’s naive Prince George’s County foreclosure series; coverage of Maryland’s unusually lender-hostile foreclosure law at Overlawyered here, here, here, here, here, and here]
  • Veteran cop once feared concealed carry but testifies how “they schooled me” [The Blaze]
  • Sigh: “Maryland Institutes Affirmative Action for Pot Growers” [Roger Clegg]


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2 responses to “In miniature, March 21

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