An armored vehicle for Frederick County?

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Department is requesting $183,500 for an armored vehicle?! That’s what this budget document would seem to indicate.

I’ve heard that the city of Frederick got one of those but has never had occasion to use it. Maybe the city could share that vehicle with the county and they could not-use-it on a joint basis — or better yet, just ditch the whole idea. Much more on police militarization at Overlawyered.

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One response to “An armored vehicle for Frederick County?

  1. I’ve discussed this before with Sheriff Jenkins. They currently have a 1980s era armored truck they use for SWAT deployments, basically a bread truck with steel plates. The Sheriff is fully against using the 1033 program to obtain an MRAP, citing militarization concerns, which may explain why he is asking for money to purchase an armored vehicle that didn’t come from Afghanistan.
    I also think the Sheriff realizes that an MRAP would cost much more in the long run to maintain, given replacement parts are hard to come by and many roads are not able to sustain the weight of such a vehicle.

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