In miniature, November 21

  • Hogan cites “inclusive message focused on ‘fiscal responsibility and common sense,” downplaying of social issues for what’s now being widely hailed as the biggest upset victory of Election 2014 [CBS, auto-plays] “Some Democrats say they ‘got the message’ from Hogan’s election [Len Lazarick]
  • Finally, a decent chance for liquor sales reform in Montgomery County? [David Lublin, The Seventh State]
  • “Ideas for improving Maryland for small business” [Luke McGowan]
  • Home “ripped apart” in Damascus as party-raid police get frisky [Radley Balko]
  • For new chair of Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, lefty Jamie Raskin (D-Silver Spring) or trial lawyer Bobby Zirkin (D-Baltimore County)? [Josh Kurtz, Center Maryland]
  • In Supreme Court oral argument on Maryland counties’ taxation of income earned out of state, Justice Scalia was one who seemed sympathetic to the tax collector’s side [Daniel Fisher]

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