Brunswick proposes Pay As You Throw (PAYT) trash scheme

Former delegate Richard Weldon is doubtful (reprinted by permission from his Facebook feed):

Brunswick’s leaders are proposing a Pay As You Throw trash scheme. The proposed program will force residents to purchase special trash bags (Approx $1.00 per bag) in order to have the City trash hauler collect curbside trash. Trash that is not in these bags would not be picked up.

To help make their case, these officials brought in a company who makes and sells the bags to convince residents of the merits of this idea.

The consultant (who sells the bags) suggests that illegal dumping would not be a problem, and that residents could become trash detectives, by opening bags and reporting the offenders by the addresses they discover within.

While I disagree with this whole idea, and harbor deep concerns whenever these behavior modification schemes are proposed by those with a profit motive, I don’t think that the elected officials who propose them are bad people.

I just think they’re painfully misguided.

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