Hood College and yesterday’s March on Frederick

Yesterday’s civil-rights-oriented “March on Frederick,” organized with substantial support from Hood College, included some themes I would enthusiastically agree with, and others I would resist or find overdrawn. That’s the nature of such an event, at least if it was meant to raise controversial and difficult issues and not just reconfirm us in comfortably-held views. But this sentence from Rachel Karas’s coverage in the Frederick News Post took me aback:

Helena Hammond-DoDoo, a senior at Hood, called the march a great concept that needed better execution. Participation was mandatory for some student groups whether people were truly interested or not, she said.

Expecting people to join a cause march whether they are inclined to or not. Expecting them to join a flag salute and pledge of allegiance whether they are inclined to or not. Similarities/differences?

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3 responses to “Hood College and yesterday’s March on Frederick

  1. Walter Olson

    From the information given, by the way, we shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that it was the college administration or faculty that was making anyone’s attendance mandatory. It would have been helpful had the reporter established which student groups the senior was referring to.

  2. I teach in a public high school where we have been having the pledge of allegiance each school day morning since 9/12/01. We did not have it before then. The school opened in the mid-nineties. We do not require any student to recite the pledge or even stand up if they don’t want to. We only ask that they respect the right of those of us who do want to do the pledge to do so without any disrespect. No punishment or any other type of discrimination is allowed or tolerated towards those who refrain from joining in the pledge. Our country and people must not allow any type of mandatory expression of patriotism or any other manifestation of belief in public or private. There is a reason I had to “swear or affirm” when I swore my officer oath those many years ago.

  3. So Hood College considers itself to have recovered from its racist past. What is it doing in the way of reparations other than a lot cheap talk and showing off in parades? Free tuition for blacks, perhaps?

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