In miniature, September 20

  • Earlier this month the Washington Post ran my letter to the editor about how if Maryland exempted much or even all retirement income from its income tax, its tax structure would still not be a particularly radical or outlying one; the Post had blasted GOP candidate Larry Hogan for an off-the-cuff suggestion. More background here and here;
  • Dems unhappy at Hogan for not running on social issues [Washington Post]
  • In progress, Sept. 19-21: “Gerrymander Meander” run along 225-mile circuitous route to call attention to outrageously drawn Maryland electoral districts [Baltimore Post-Examiner]
  • U. of Maryland police got armored truck, other military surplus through Pentagon’s 1033 program [The Diamondback] Uncritical look at what Frederick city and county got from program [Paige Jones, Frederick News-Post; my two cents in the FNP and more]
  • The gang that couldn’t malign straight: Howard County Dems keep getting Allan Kittleman’s record wrong [Len Lazarick]
  • “Maryland’s economy had no growth in 2013, ranking 49th in U.S.” [Baltimore Business Journal]

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