In miniature, August 3

  • Peroutka not about “reforming the existing regime” [Warren Throckmorton] As predicted, press has field day with nomination [Van Smith/City Paper, and thanks for quote] More: Mark Newgent at Red Maryland, whose August poll, open until Aug. 6, has many questions on the Anne Arundel nominee;
  • Health secretary Sharfstein departing O’Malley administration to join faculty of Johns Hopkins’ hyper-interventionist School of Public Health, and we may hope he’s just as successful in promoting Bloombergian nanny state initiatives as he was in setting up the state’s ObamaCare exchange;
  • Unlike most states, Maryland has benefited from law providing SWAT transparency, but now legislature is allowing it to sunset [Radley Balko, earlier]
  • Don’t just blame neglect for stagnation in White Oak, other parts of eastern MoCo; county planners imposed a 20-year development moratorium [Dan Reed, Greater Greater Washington]
  • “Small firms give Maryland C- for business friendliness” [Maryland Reporter, Free State Foundation]
  • The experiment begins: Annapolis tells schools to stop suspending students for cursing out or disobeying teachers; most drastic levels of discipline still okay if firearm inadvertently left in locked trunk by teen headed to after-school shooting event [Washington Post]

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