In miniature, July 27

  • Montgomery County Police Department SWAT deployments terrorize citizens on a regular basis, and mostly over search warrants [Sentinel via Radley Balko]
  • It’s come to seem normal for other businesses to flee Maryland. But… Old Bay? [US Chamber]
  • Len Lazarick on “conservatarian… liberty-leaning conservative” Dan Bongino’s challenge to Rep. John Delaney in MD-6 [Maryland Reporter]
  • Baltimore curfew violations will cost parents $500 unless they sign up for parental guidance classes [Robby Soave, Reason]
  • Beretta moving all production from Maryland to Tennessee [press release, Quinton Report]
  • “Report: Baltimore schools spent stimulus funds on dinner cruises, theater tickets” [EAG News]
  • SEIU ran primary attack ads against Democrats who didn’t toe its line, helped pick off Niemann and Simmons, didn’t work against Brochin [Jeremy Bauer-Wolf, Maryland Reporter]


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