Officials sought gang members’ advice on how to run Baltimore jail

Another day of astounding revelations from the state-run Baltimore jail:

Officials at the Baltimore jail held “town hall meetings” with Black Guerrilla Family gang members to get tips on how to better operate the institution, a corrections officer told the FBI….

Angela Johnson, the officer, also told investigators that gang members were allowed to search other inmates for contraband, which they often kept for themselves.”

You have to wonder what it will take for the Martin O’Malley/Anthony Brown administration to begin shouldering responsibility for this scandal. Baltimore City Paper, which has been good on the scandal, noted in April, long after the scandal broke, that

O’Malley and his Corrections chief, Gary Maynard, who oversaw the gang takeover have even now done little to amend the systemic problems that made it almost easy for gang members to turn jail guards into their puppets.

Mid and upper Department of Correction management has remained relatively unscathed so far…

Earlier coverage of the scandal at Overlawyered; also see Charles Lane, City Journal.

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