District 4: a Sam Arora letter that’s not what it pretends to be

Today’s Frederick News-Post carries a letter to the editor ostensibly praising Sen. David Brinkley as an ally of liberal Democrats, and signed by Montgomery County Del. Sam Arora (D-Rockville). If you took it at face value, you got fooled. Here’s my comment in response:

Look at this letter more closely. It is intended to hurt Brinkley, not help him, with conservative Republican primary voters. Whatever would motivate retiring Del. Arora, a very liberal Montgomery County Democrat, to do that? Maybe it’s that Sen. Brinkley single-handedly derailed the False Claims Act sponsored by Del. Arora which would have stood as the major legislative accomplishment of his brief tenure in Annapolis (and would have pleased some wealthy trial lawyers, even as it appalled business groups). I conclude that Arora: 1) bears a deep grudge against Brinkley precisely because of Brinkley’s success in blocking Democratic legislation; 2) doesn’t mind doing a favor to Brinkley’s opponent, who broke with most Republicans to back Arora’s pro-lawsuit bill.

Arora, incidentally, is departing the House of Delegates following a furious revolt by his fellow progressives who accused him of double-dealing on the same-sex marriage issue, where he first raised money and endorsements in quantity from marriage advocates and then did a flip-flop once in office, drawing charges from former allies of “dishonor,” “betrayal” and “lies”, “knife in back”, “disgraceful … outrage” and more. Prominent Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen wrote to Arora: “I think your career is over.”

Maybe not quite over, if he can succeed in hurting Sen. Brinkley as intended. But if Arora wants to acquire a lifelong reputation for double-dealing on every issue he touches, his letter in today’s FNP puts him well on the way.


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2 responses to “District 4: a Sam Arora letter that’s not what it pretends to be

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  2. Walter Olson

    Twitter offers a couple of clues on responsibility. @Sam_Arora has tweeted nothing at all about the letter, even while tweeting on other subjects, as if he were aware that it would raise more questions than answers among his own supporters. Meanwhile, Hough campaign manager @DaceyTed praises the letter exactly as if Arora were sincere: https://twitter.com/DaceyTed/status/475007568981819392

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