SeaTac’s minimum wage experiment — and ours

David Henderson and Matthew Hurtt have roundups of the serious side effects already being felt in the small community of SeaTac, outside of Seattle, which at unions’ behest adopted a minimum wage of $15/hour for many private employers. Job cuts, severe cuts in fringe benefits, and transfer of work to managers are just the start.

SeaTac serves as a sort of protected hothouse experiment: it hosts the Seattle area’s only international airport, and thus enjoys something of a captive-audience setting for service businesses. Yet even in a place like that the very bad idea of a $15/hour minimum wage has had plenty of immediate unwanted consequences. Now imagine foisting the same experiment on the entire state of Maryland, a state whose jobs, shops and residents all have a high degree of mobility. That’s what some in Annapolis wanted to do.

Our Facebook thread on the stories resulted in a first-rate proposed state motto for Maryland: “The State Small Enough To Escape On Foot.”


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