Sen. Brinkley’s economic record

I’ve got a letter to the editor in the May 23 Frederick News-Post. I write:

The latest annual ratings from Maryland Business for Responsive Government are out, and both candidates in the District 4 Senate GOP primary get high ratings, at 92 and 83 percent, for supporting free-market, limited-government policies. But it just goes to show how ridiculous it is for the candidate with the lower 83 score — Delegate Michael Hough — to launch a mailer and website attacking the candidate with the higher 92 score — Sen. David Brinkley — as some kind of liberal Obama clone and “Martin O’Malley’s best friend in Annapolis.”

Of the five Republicans in the current Frederick County delegation to Annapolis, Delegate Hough actually has the lowest MBRG rating; delegates Kelly Schulz and Kathy Afzali both scored 100, and Delegate Patrick Hogan, 92. Delegate Hough is entitled to his own opinions, of course, but it ill behooves him to accuse David Brinkley of being some kind of liberal when Senator Brinkley scores higher free-market ratings than his own both for the past year and cumulatively over the full period of his legislative service.

Walter Olson, New Market


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