My favorite local food from this part of Maryland and adjacent Pennsylvania is puddin’-and-hominy. Puddin’ consists of cooked-down meat scraps that is a lot like scrapple without the grain filler and is too strong-tasting to eat by itself (for me at least). Instead you cook it alongside something starchy, the preferred vehicle being cooked white hominy, which is very bland by itself. Combine some of each on a fork and suddenly you have something much better than either one alone. (It helps if you already love scrapple, as I do.) Not sold in chain stores, so far as I’ve seen, but common at firehouse breakfasts and available at better local markets such as Wagner’s in Mt. Airy and Trout’s in Woodsboro. More here.

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6 responses to “Puddin’-and-hominy

  1. Becky bodeen

    I have loved hominy and puddin since I was a child. My dad would always fix it on Sundays for breakfast for us. He taught me how to make it and after he would cook the puddin he would then mix the hominy in the pan with the puddin and let them simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes.

  2. Walter Olson

    Since writing this I’ve found a restaurant where puddin’-and-hominy is on the menu, Trout’s in Woodsboro. (Puddin’ is also for sale sold in an aluminum tray in the refrigerated meat section of the Trout’s grocery market nearby in town.) At the restaurant you can get it if you like with onions on top, either fried or diced raw. I asked the waitress which of the two I should get and she said most people preferred raw so I did and I think that was the right choice.

  3. David H Pardoe

    I grew up with this, and I love it. Many including within my family, let aline my daughters do not share my enthusiasm. In my childhood the practice was to have a serving of liver pudding covered with Mannings hominy to make “igloos.” The white hominy enclosing the dark pudding. It was a fun meal as well as, in my opinion,,very delightful. It is harder and harder to find the ring liver pudding–or even in a block. The PA Dutch markets sell it.

  4. Douglas Owensby

    My family in Maryland ate this and i love it. Mannings hominy is the best.Millers puddin is the best. But cant find it anymore.

  5. Jann Hart

    We eat Meat Puddins in Lancaster County, PA either on buttered bread or my favorite, a baked sweet potato!

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